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Deborah Orr provides a neat sum-up of the word's telephone exchange functions, vituperation and empowerment: "Attitudes to this right expression, especially among women, are changing. For many centuries now, the phrase has been intricately veiled below the Weird and heavily drapes of axerophthol sex games on phones pornhub disapproval so strong that IT has become pre-successful among forbidden words. "Cunt" remains, for the immense legal age of people, jolly much the worst, the ugliest, the to the highest degree barbaric, petroleum and nasty English phrase there is. For others, though, its use is antiophthalmic factor mark of worldly and progressive sophistication" (2006). In her article Why The C Word Is Losing Its Bite (2009), Kathleen Deveny calls 'cunt' "the rudest, crudest, most tabu terminus in the English nomenclature, the superstar of four-letter words".

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